rFactor 2 Multiplayer Rules

  1. The server admin is gluon.
  2. The founding members are gluon, Bernix, zere, Niek and Wol0R.
  3. A season comprises of 10 weeks of competition where different time trial and race competitions take place over 10 different tracks. The calendar is randomly generated from a pool of 10 freely available tracks (Workshop or websites). Each founding member gets to choose 2 tracks for the pool before the season starts.
  4. From Monday to Thursday two parallel time trial competitions running 24/7 take place, using a fixed Season Car, chosen by the server admin, and a variable Weekly Car chosen by participating founding members. Any driver who managed to set a timed lap either during the current time trial or race gets to choose the Weekly Car for next week following the order of the founding members as written in rule number 2, each one in turn electing a car in the weekend between competitions, before the next time trial starts on Monday. Ex: gluon chooses the Weekly Car for week 2, Bernix chooses the Weekly Car for week 3, etc. Any driver who did not participate at all by setting at least 1 timed lap during the time trials or races of a given week loses his turn. Participation with at least a single timed lap therefore gives you choosing power.
  5. On Friday, 2 race competitions of 15 minutes with 5 minutes qualifying and warmup take place at 20:30CET using the Season Car on Race 1 and the Weekly Car on Race 2. In case of force majeure, the admin can reschedule the races to Saturday or Sunday.
  6. Both competitions will award points following the same scoring system used by Formula 1.
  7. The time trial server runs 24/7 between Monday and Thursday with the name "WWW.GEEKS.CF ROUND N TT".
  8. The race server runs on Friday between 20:30 and 21:30CET with the name "WWW.GEEKS.CF ROUND N RACE".
  9. The server admin may tweak any of the rules at an ad-hoc basis if any technical or force majeure reasons so justify.